Each Order is Unique!

Since its founding in 1998, SpeedyTours has given personalised and customised customer service top priority. After all, we can only become familiar with your products and processes through a close and intensive collaboration, so that we can meet your requirements without compromise.
From small courier transport tasks to large-scale projects – no matter what size, the same high quality standards are the basis. Our operation has been validated by DIN ISO 9001 certi-fication. Modern data communications including an interface to SAP-based systems should facilitate you in interacting with us and reassure you that we will handle your project relia-bly and within the agreed timeframe. Together with our long-standing partners who operate on a global scale, we are your logistics specialist in the following areas:

 Sea freight transportation (LCL/FCL/BreakBulk and RoRo)
 Air freight
 National and international truck transportation (full/ partial loads and less-than-load units)
 Overweight loads and special transport
 Courier service throughout Europe
 Transport and seaworthy packaging

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If you want a one-stop-shop for
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Sea freight service type text

Sea freight

Selecting the right shipping space is a complex task. The interplay between various details such as point of departure, destination, sensitivity of the cargo, delivery date, weight and volume is the main route to the most efficient result. We always choose the best way in your interests and for your benefit and guarantee comprehensive support for an optimal transportation process.
In the area of sea freight, we are on hand to support you for:
• Dealing with customs
• Handling and inspection of goods
• Port storage
• Loading of less-than-load units and overweight loads
• Container loading and stuffing and lashing
• Expert seaworthy packaging

Air freight service type text

Air freight

Air freight is not always the most expensive mode of transport. In this segment, SpeedyTours is pleased to provide you with a comparative analysis of the possibilities and costs of air freight shipments. In conjunction with renowned IATA agents, we transport your goods by air if this seems necessary and sensible. And our service doesn‘t end at the desti-nation airport! Customs clearance in the destination country, storage and delivery of your goods to the final recipient – this is also part of our service offering. Whether for import or export – we look after your delivery.

Land transport service type text

Land transport

Whether regional, national or transnational… We know the way! SpeedyTours has a network of competent partners for all transport requirements. In the area of overweight loads and special transport in particular, we have very good knowledge built up through countless spe-cial transport orders handled flawlessly. And of course when wheels reach their limits, we offer all kinds of multimodal transport.
We guarantee the specialist handling of:
 Partial and full shipments
 Overweight loads and special transport
 Less-than-load unit shipments
 Scheduled deliveries and special transport
 Multimodal transportation

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SpeedyTours will not leave you out in the rain….and this applies especially to your sensitive goods. We know the special requirements that each mode of transport brings with it. In sea transportation particularly, the influences on your goods are many and varied. In this sector, it is vital to protect the goods sufficiently from mechanical damage during the packaging process at the interfaces and also from climate-related risk factors both during the journey and at the destination. There’s more to it than the humble wooden crate. Integrate us at an early stage of your construction and manufacturing process so that we can develop the op-timal packaging type together at the end. As your partner, we are at your side – long before the delivery takes place.

Special transport service type text

Special transport

Reaching the customer as quickly as possible
When it’s urgent… SpeedyTours set itself this challenge when the company was founded. Speed and reliability at affordable costs. – Three important qualities, that don‘t just apply to SpeedyTours when it comes to large-scale sea transportation alone. In the area of special transport, we are on hand as your partner for special tasks!
Our employees will promptly and personally take care of your:
• Urgent shipments within Europe
• Fixed and delivery rounds
• Overnight shipments

Just ask us…

About us

SpeedyTours has been operating on the global transport market since 1998 and offers transportation services for a wide range of goods and services. Our service offering covers all modes of transport, alt-hough we consider sea freight our main business. Overland transport services including oversize and overweight loads play a key role in our portfolio. Alongside full loads, we also handle partial loads and less-than-load units.

SpeedyTours provides its customers with comprehensive support at all interfaces.
This includes handling services at ports, container storage and high-grade seaworthy packaging car-ried out by experts in accordance with HPE (German Federal Association of Wood Packaging, Pallets and Export Packaging) directive standards. We can also follow any customised quality standards that are in place at your company or your customer’s – taking the respective national regulations into ac-count.


Working with a long-standing, global network of cooperation partners, you can rely on SpeedyTours to bring your goods to your destination. We are logistical specialists for products from the machinery and plant engineering sector. Our customers include well-known midsize machinery companies and large plant manufacturers as well as group companies from various sectors, which have been trusting-ly placing the transportation of their goods in the hands of SpeedyTours GmbH & Co. KG for many years.


SpeedyTours highly values the customer’s advisory support during the shipping process. Involvement at an early stage in the supply chain of a company takes some of the pressure off our customer’s logis-tical departments, representing a link between procurement/ manufacture and the global customer which is a defining aspect of the quality of our offering. Even when your product is still under con-struction, our experienced packaging specialists can search for optimization options for you on re-quest. In the current difficult economic situation, carrying out a detailed comparison of standard market prices and proactive advisory on optimal modes of transport to reduce your costs is more important now than ever. For SpeedyTours, optimal quality of the transport service combined with customer consulting and service is a matter of course. To us, there is no contradiction between af-fordable transportation prices and optimal logistics!