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Since its foun­ding in 1998, Speedy­Tours has gi­ven per­sonalised and custo­mised customer ser­vice top prio­ri­ty. Af­ter all, we can only be­come familiar with your pro­ducts and pro­cesses through a close and in­ten­sive collab­oration, so that we can meet your re­quire­ments with­out com­pro­mise.

From small cou­rier trans­port tasks to large-scale pro­jects – no mat­ter what size, the same high qua­li­ty stan­dards are the ba­sis. Our ope­ra­tion has been va­li­da­ted by DIN ISO 9001 cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. Mo­dern da­ta com­mu­ni­ca­tions in­clu­ding an in­ter­face to SAP-­based sys­tems should fa­ci­li­tate you in in­ter­ac­ting with us and re­assure you that we will han­dle your project reliably and within the agreed timeframe. Together with our long-standing partners who ­ope­rate on a glo­bal scale, we are your lo­gis­tics spe­cia­list in the following areas:

  • Sea freight transportation (LCL/FCL/BreakBulk and RoRo)

  • Air freight

  • National and international truck trans­por­ta­ion
    (full/ par­tial loads and less-than-load units)
  • Over­weight loads and special trans­port

  • Courier ser­vice through­out Eu­rope

  • Transport and seaworthy packa­ging

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